The 3 Week Diet Review – Is it legit? An In-Depth Analysis

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The 3 week diet by Brian Flatt is a weight loss program that is taking the internet by storm. As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Flatt put together a plan that can help you lose up to 12 pounds in three weeks. 


We’ve all been there before – maybe you’re worried about losing weight before vacation, or maybe your wedding is coming up. Regardless of the situation you’re in, you need to lose weight quickly with minimal exercise. 


There are a plethora of programs out there that promise fat being “melted off”, only for you to get no results. Knowing this, you’re likely questioning whether or not the 3 week diet is legit. 

Key Features of Three Week Diet

Unlike most diet plans you can purchase online, I feel as though this one is very well structured. The system comes in a PDF format and includes:


  • An introduction to the diet to get you familiar with terms / exercises. 

  • The diet plan itself 

  • Exercises to aid in burning fat while you follow the diet

  • A motivational manual 


All of this for a respectable price of $47! Many nutrition plans just give you a one page PDF and expect you to figure it out. The three week diet goes above and beyond to ensure you understand the weight loss process. 


Women’s health mag pointed out that there’s not too much background about the actual diet. This may give you some red flags, but of course they want you to purchase the guide to get said information. 

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Based On Fasting And Low Carb Intake

Simply put, the three week diet relies on intermittent fasting and a low carb diet to yield results. On top of this, you will also be on a pretty rough caloric deficit. It’s nearly impossible to lose a noticeable amount of weight in three weeks without employing these principles. 


I stand by intermittent fasting because it’s given me better results than any other type of diet. Paired with a low calorie, low carb diet, you will lose weight at a very fast rate. Knowing that this diet uses these principles leads me to believe that the plan is legit, but there’s still a few factors to consider. 

the 3 week diet

How much weight can you lose?

Brian Flatt claims that you can lose up to 12 pounds on this diet. This seems like a stretch and an unhealthy amount of weight to lose in such a short period. Truth be told, you may actually lose 12 pounds, but that doesn’t mean it’s all fat. 


When you first start a caloric deficit, your body will respond by losing a bunch of water weight at first. It’s quite common for obese people to lose a lot of weight in the first couple of weeks of a program because they are also holding a lot of water. Water is the first thing to go, followed by fat. This is precisely why I don’t find it ridiculous to lose 12 pounds in three weeks. There are claims that you can lose up to 23 pounds on this diet, but that’s rather outlandish. 


Generally speaking, it is ideal to lose between 1-2 pounds of body weight each week when trying to lose weight. This would imply that you are on at least a 500 calorie deficit each day because one pound of body weight equates to 3500 calories. 


With diets that are more intense though, like the three week diet, you will be in a greater caloric deficit and could lose more weight in a week. It is very important to keep your protein intake high while on this diet. The caloric deficit alone is not severe enough to cause detrimental muscle loss, but keeping your protein high will ensure you do not. 

3 Week Diet Reviews - Real People, Real Experiences

A bunch of information and no results, you’re probably thinking what is this 3 week diet scam? Let me tell you, I was skeptical at first too, but one search of the hashtag on instagram was all I needed to change my mind. 


Below is a picture of Alexis who got great results in three weeks on this diet. As you can see, she appears to be less bloated and probably lost about 12-15 pounds total.

3 week diet reviews

It is no surprise that this program is so effective. Grouping intermittent fasting, a caloric deficit, and a low carb diet will keep you looking a lot flatter. Your insulin levels rise every time you consume food, and even more so when you consume a lot of carbs. Insulin stimulates glucose absorption and thus has a negative effect on belly fat and holding water. 


The science behind this diet reflects that eating in a smaller window and consuming less carbs on a daily basis will help you lose more fat. Of course in the long run, weight loss depends on calories in vs. calories out. The intermittent fasting and low carb approach basically just helps enforce the caloric deficit. 

Key Points

  • Keeping your protein intake high is essential. The intense caloric deficit paired with intermittent fasting will cause you to lose muscle if you’re not getting enough protein. Aim to consume anywhere between .7-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.  
  • Yes, you might lose a lot of weight in three weeks, but it’s not all fat. Generally, the first couple weeks of a rough caloric deficit will make you lose a good chunk of weight. In reality, most of this is water weight with maybe a couple pounds being fat. I encourage you to stick with it even if you do not see the numbers you desire in just three weeks. If the program is working, you can simply continue what you’re doing in the following weeks.
  • Going off of point 2, you may have to continue on this plan for longer than three weeks to see desired results. More than anything else, the foods you eat will determine how good of results you’ll get. 

Conclusion - Worth it, or is it merely a scam?

There are so many bogus fitness programs out there, some claim to be “personalized” when the author really just wants your money. After doing quite a bit of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that Brian Flatt’s three week diet is worth the price. 


Let it be known that you can find all of the information in this ebook for free by doing your own research. I’ve provided you with the foundation of the program, and all you have to do is take charge. 


Perhaps the best thing about this program is that it has the consumer in mind. Rather than slapping you with a single page PDF of exercises and foods, you get a detailed guide with an introduction and a motivational manual. 


I encourage you to do your own research before buying the 3 week diet. A lot of information regarding weight loss and strength training can be found right here on our website. Despite this, you can purchase the diet plan by clicking the button below. I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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