Wake Up Lean Review – Does It Really Reduce Inflammation and Bloat?

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What if I told you that you’re really a lot leaner than you think you are? A majority of people are bloated on a daily basis, and this bloat is mostly a result of water retention from a poor diet. You may have heard of the term water weight which is the initial weight that people lose when they start dieting.  Once you lose this water weight, you tend to look a lot better in the mirror because you’re not bloated. Regardless of whether you’re overweight or not, I’m about to teach you how to reduce inflammation and bloat in this wake up lean review. 

Certain enzymes and proteins positively correlate to increased bloating and inflammation. Luckily, there are some foods that naturally lower the concentration of these enzymes and proteins in your blood.  Wake Up Lean is a system that reveals these foods. The plan also provides you with tips to lose weight without exercise or restrictive dieting!

After I did some research, the results were shocking! The powerful phytonutrient anthocyanins is responsible for the debloating. Phytonutrients promote good health, so I knew right away that this might work. 

Background Info

Wake Up Lean is designed for those who have limited time to exercise and track their food intake. The system designed by CPT Meredith Shirk to help people reduce bloating, inflammation, and lose weight. Although there is no age restriction, the program is particularly effective for people over 40 years old. 

Truth be told, you don’t even need to be overweight to take advantage of this system. Learning how to de-bloat and reduce inflammation can be beneficial for events, weddings, and vacations. Just take a look at Maggie below who made a big difference in her appearance in one week. 

meredith shirk wake up lean

As you can see, Maggie was never even overweight to begin with! In taking a couple of recommendations from this system, Maggie was able to see how her body really looked.  Not only did she get a HUGE confidence boost from how she looked in the mirror,  but her energy levels also went through the roof!

There is only one to speed up your metabolism and that is by gaining lean body mass. Despite this, the authors of Wake Up Lean worked tirelessly to develop an alternative. After months of research and a trip to study herbal medicine in Panama, they made a discovery. 

Native Panamanians provided Meredith and her travel partners with a list of jungle plants with medicinal properties. Meredith was surprised to see that most of these plants benefitted the stomach! After arriving back to the United States, she took the information she learned and developed it into an effective weight loss system.  

Meredith’s system was quickly deemed a success. She published the plan and it wasn’t long before clients came back with success stories. Customers were blown away that they could use this plan to lose weight and reduce inflammation simultaneously. 

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information out there about this program, but don’t let that discourage you. Enter your e-mail below and I will personally send you a FREE guide to get started with losing weight and reducing inflammation. 

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How It Works

As I mentioned previously, Wake Up Lean is a system that requires no rigorous exercise or restrictive dieting. There really are no secrets with this program, it’s just a matter of eating certain foods that have a positive impact on your stomach. It’s also worth mentioning that the system itself contains three separate plans to suit your needs. 

  1. The 10-day flat belly blueprint 
  2. 5-minute lean body bursts 
  3. 24-hour toxin flushing protocol 

The original system is the 10-day blueprint. This blueprint contains all the information you need, but the additional programs are also helpful.  The program follows a three step approach, and it sounds a lot more complex than it really is. 

  • First, the program will teach you how to turn off your inflammation enzymes to reduce bloating and water weight. Certain enzymes and proteins positively correlate with increased inflammation and visceral fat. Therefore, the goal is to target and reduce the concentration of them with dietary changes. 
  • Next, you will learn how to reduce cravings and suppress your appetite. This is also achievable with simple nutritional changes. You will also be able to identify foods that are good to eat when you’re craving.
  • Lastly, you will learn how to speed up your metabolism with very minor lifestyle changes. Having a fast metabolism is extremely beneficial because your calorie needs are greater. Food is obviously amazing, so by speeding up your metabolism you can enjoy more of your favorite foods.  
The idea is that you should look substantially leaner after ten days of following the program. Keep in mind that this program is not the greatest for fat loss, but it provides some great advice so that you can keep the water weight off. After all, the main objective of Wake Up Lean is to reduce bloating and inflammation. 

I must highlight the fact that this system requires you to make nutritional changes. There is no restrictive eating, but you will likely have to make some changes in order to see the best results. 


This programs sale page is long and wordy which leaves a lot of people confused. Don’t worry, I’ve taken the time to do extensive research to answer all of the frequently asked questions. 

Q: Why does this program happen to be so effective for middle aged people? 

A: Not all but most middle-aged people (specifically those over 40) have a hard time making lifestyle changes to lose weight. This plan is particularly effective because there are few lifestyle changes required. People over 40 are also more likely to be bloated consistently, so they often see more prominent results. 

Q:  What kind of results can I expect? 

A: Results will vary, just like they do with any weight loss program. However, most people tend to lose one or two pounds of water weight overnight, and  between 4-6 pounds of total weight lost in the first week. Most of the weight you lose in the 10 days will be water weight, but you will lose a pound or two of fat as well. 

Q: What happens after I purchase the program? Am I on my own? 

A: You will receive the original 10-day system instantly after making your purchase. Unlike many diet plans, Meredith Shrink’s plan provides you with detailed instructions so you know exactly how to get started. You will be given access to a private website that contains all of the information. From here, you can decide to download whichever plans you please. 

Q: Will I receive a physical copy of Wake Up Lean? 

A: No, the entire system is delivered in digital format. After purchasing, you will be able to view and download all of the information for life. If you really want a physical copy, you can simply download the plan as a PDF and print it at home. 

Q: Do men get good results too? 

A: Yes! Men get the same type of results that women get. Unfortunately, the product’s website only seems to feature reviews from women, so I decided to do some digging around the internet. Eventually, I found Rob who used this plan to eliminate all the water he was holding and lose 10lbs in two weeks.

reduce bloating overnight

Now granted, Rob seemed to be carrying a lot of water in the beginning and his posture was also bad. Even still, he managed to lose the bloat and inflammation after a short period of time. 

Pros, Cons, and Reviews

The following will be an unbiased analysis of this program. It’s always good to analyze the pros, cons, and the opinions of pre-existing customers before you make a purchase. 


  • The price is very affordable for the amount of information you’ll receive. Similar weight loss programs often retail for 3x the price. 
  • You receive two bonus programs in addition to the original Wake Up Lean program. 
  • Overall, this plan is extremely easy to follow and it requires no drastic changes.
  • Perhaps the best aspect is that you have 60 days to try out the plan before you purchase is locked in. If it’s not working for you, you are guaranteed a full refund within 60 days of buying.


  • You can find all of this plan’s information for free online, but that would take a lot of time and effort.
  • Some of the weight loss claims are inaccurate. Losing any more than three pounds a week is very uncommon unless you’re obese or carrying a lot of water. 

Customer Reviews:

I’ve already shown the results of two clients in this article. Truth be told, there’s a lot more where that came from.  Sarah is one of my favorite client transformations. She was never overweight throughout her life, but she tends to hold a lot of water.  After a month, she sent Meredith the following picture, and wow does she look good!

Sarah commented that she was finally able to stay consistent on a program. For me, there was no more questioning whether or not this plan helps with bloating after I saw Sarah’s picture. 

Unfortunately, the number of before and after pictures are slim, but there are plenty of verified text reviews. One testimonial that really struck me was Tiffany’s from Florida. 

Tiffany was on the verge of having liposuction surgery when she decided to give Meredith’s program a try. To her surprise, she lost 5 pounds in the first week (mainly because she was obese) and decided not to get the surgery. 

There’s no doubt that you will see less bloating and inflammation, but the weight loss itself will vary. If you’re ready to give this system a try, you can do so below. The low price and 60-day money back guarantee make it worth checking out. 


Weight loss is difficult sometimes because it’s easy to be misguided. Fortunately, there actually are people out there that are willing to help you and not just take your money. Throughout this Wake Up Lean review, I’ve given you a perfect example of a plan that is designed to help. 

There’s no sense in breaking the bank when you want to lose belly fat. Realistically, you don’t even have to pay a dime to acheive the body of your dreams. Meredith Shirk was aware of this fact when she put together her best selling plan. For a generous price of $15, you receive a boat load of pertinent information. 

To recap, this system requires you to make nutritional changes, but there is no strenuous exercise or strict dieting. There are several plants with medicinal properties and many of them benefit your stomach. Consuming these fruits and vegetables will reduce the concentration of enzymes and proteins in your body that cause inflammation. 

Overall, I think this is a diet plan that is worth checking out because it offers more than just weight loss information. The price is fair, there are plenty of positive customer reviews, and there is a money-back guarantee if you’re ever dissatisfied. With summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to lose the bloat and show off how good you really look. 

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