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Weight lifting belts can be an excellent investment for many different reasons, thus making them an essential piece of equipment. There are several brands out there, but I’ll be mentioning one of the best in this steel sweat weight lifting belt review. 

This weight belt allows you to train comfortably and safety. It’s also aesthetically pleasing which is a major plus. 

steel sweat review

Made with premium cowhide leather, you can be assured this belt will hold up through all major lifts.

Steel Sweat Weight Belt
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Stainless steel fastenings
  • IPF and USDA compliant
  • 4-inch Width

Why Invest in Weight Lifting Belts?

A good weight lifting belt is designed to help reduce the amount of stress placed on your lower back. It does so by increasing intra-abdominal pressure which helps support any of the vertebrae below your ribcage. In simpler terms, you’re making injuries much less likely by wearing a belt. 

Weight belts are also useful as they allow you to avoid hyperextension, twisting, and bending unnecessarily. It’s easy to make simple mistakes and tweak a muscle in your back while lifting heavy, but the support from a belt makes this less likely. 

Lastly, a weight belt is useful to remind you to keep your back flat while performing certain exercises. The increased pressure from the belt helps remind you how your back is positioned, and helps you maintain good posture.

Key Features

  • Ultra strong leather – the Steel Sweat weight lifting belt is made from the highest quality, full grain cowhide. It is tanned using bespoke methods. Every belt is made by hand by some of the best craftsmen in the industry. The quality and attention to detail make these belts durable and ready for hard work. 


  • Superior Fastenings – a lot of fabric weightlifting belts break easily, but this model from Steel Sweat has high quality stainless steel screw rivets. The leather around the fastenings features industrial grade double stitching. Both these factors ensure the belt will last you for many years. 


  • IPF and USPA Approved – if you’re someone who competes in powerlifting, you need to have compliant gear. Luckily, this belt by Steel Sweat is allowed by all of the largest powerlifting organizations. 


  • Made with quality materials – These belts are made from 100% genuine leather using a 4,000 year old process. 
  • Multiple Sizes – a proper belt will fit snugly, and this shouldn’t be an issue with Steel Sweat. They offer five different sizes that cater to every weight class. 
  • A Transparent and Detailed Company – Steel Sweat offers an easy to follow sizing guide, and any other information you may need about the product. The company is detailed in their descriptions and has great customer service. 
  • Single prong roller buckle – 2 prong buckles can break and be awkward to use. This belt features just a single prong for maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • Breaks in quickly – some weight lifting belts can take a long time to break-in due to the stiffness of leather. Steel Sweat products are known to break in quickly, and therefore you’ll get more use out of your belt.


When it comes to buying a weight lifting belt, it’s vital that you know about the bad as well as the good. Indeed, no product is perfect! 

  • Only one width – most weight belts come with a choice of different widths depending on the user’s needs. However, this option only comes in one width: 4 inches. This is generally considered to be the most effective width, but you may need to look for a different option if you prefer wider.
  • Prong hole can stretch over time – some past customers have reported wear and tear on the prong hole. Considering that this belt only has one prong, only one hole will take the abuse over time. 
  • Not vegan or vegetarian friendly – although this is an afterthought for some, it’s still worth mentioning. This belt is tanned using vegetable-based products, but it’s still made with real leather. While leather is generally preferred, some may avoid the product to their consumer practices. 
  • One color – practicality should come before style here, but it’s worth noting there’s only one color. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a different colored weight belt, but you will likely need to seek other options. The Steel Sweat weight belt has a natural brown leather color. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude this Steel Sweat weight lifting belt review, it’s clear that this is a quality product. Everything checks out in terms of lumbar support, IPF approval, quality, and aesthetics. This belt combines quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to increase intra-abdominal pressure and keep you safe while working out. 

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