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Kettlebells are a great way to spice up your training, especially if you’re tired of training with dumbbells. Not only can you perform a variety of unique exercises, but they are also constructed better. If you’re building a home gym, you may be looking for a set of kettlebells to add to your arsenal, and I’ve got you covered with my #1 recommendation. Yes4all kettlebells are one of the best choices on the market in terms of quality and price.

Key Aspects

Unlike most free-weight brands who are inaccurate with their weighing, Yes4all is right on the money with their product. With this company, you do not have to worry about getting a 41-pound kettlebell when you paid for one that was 45-pounds. 


You can expect the following from this company:


  • Choice of three different models.

  • The option to purchase in pairs.

  • Wide but comfortable handles.

  • Solid cast iron construction 

  • Weight options up to 80 pounds (40 kg)

  • A flat bottom so the weights sit upright

Exercises You Can Do

You might already know some of the great kettlebell exercises you can do, but let me assure you there’s a lot of them. 


  1. Kettlebell Swings – These are undoubtedly one of the most popular exercises. They are nearly a full-body exercise that almost anyone can do. To do this exercise, grab your kettlebell firmly with both hands and do a quarter-squat. Then, use your glutes, legs, and shoulders to swing the weight to a parallel position. 

  2. Walking Lunges – I find that kettlebells often give you a better grip for lunges. Next time you decide to do walking lunges, swap out your traditional barbell or dumbbells. 

  3. Shoulder Presses – Yes, believe it or not, you can do shoulder presses, and they are quite challenging. Perform the press as you normally would, but it’s imperative that you keep your wrists neutral throughout the motion. 

  4. Goblet Squats – Normally you would do goblet squats with a dumbbell, but kettlebells are even better. As you squeeze the handle with both hands, you’re actually engaging your chest muscles as well for a nice bonus. 

  5. Glute Bridges – If you’re a fan of doing weighted glute bridges (or hip thrusts), then a heavy kettlebell will certainly do the trick. 


Note that there are hundreds of exercise opportunities, but the five I listed above seem to be particularly effective. 


P.S: You can check out the video below to make sure you’re doing the swings correctly.

The Three Types Of Yes4All Kettlebells

Vinyl-coated – These are coated with a vinyl-finish which makes them noise-resistant. Not only does the vinyl protect your floors, but it protects the weight itself. These are great for classes or commercial gyms. The only downside, in my opinion, is that this style only comes in weights up to 50 pounds. 


Cast Iron – There’s nothing fancy about these kettlebells, they are just solid cast iron. You will not get the noise-resistant bonus that you get with the vinyl-coated option, but these are arguably better. They are just as sleek, and safe (if you’re using them correctly), and they come in weights up to 80 pounds. Sometimes not all the weight options are available on amazon. 


Competition (powder coated) – These are the top of the line option from this company. Unfortunately, they are not available in pairs, but all weights are available up to 71 pounds. The cast iron is finished with a powder coating for a sleek appearance, and there are color-coded rings on the handles.

Comparison Table

My Pick

Competition (powder coated) Kettlebell

For me, it’s a toss-up between vinyl-coated and the competition level kettlebells. Ultimately, I recommend the competition model simply because of the additional weight options. Although the vinyl-coated model is great from a noise-reducing standpoint, you can go 30 pounds heavier with the competition model.

yes4all competition kettlebell

Why Kettlebells Are So Effective

From an anatomical standpoint, no other free-weight will get you as strong as a kettlebell. They are unique because there is no even distribution of its weight. Take dumbbells, for example, the weight is evenly distributed because you have two equal masses on each side of the handle. 


Because of the unequal weight distribution, kettlebell training requires greater muscle stabilization. You will be working harder to stabilize your muscles, thus contributing to a more intense workout. 


Although kettlebells are great for resistance training, they can also help with your coordination and cardiovascular health. Considering that you can do a full-body workout with just one kettlebell, the benefits are second to none.


Keep in mind that the pros far outweigh the cons regarding this product. Despite this, there have been some instances where customers were left unsatisfied after their purchase.


The most common problem is with shipping. There have been a few instances where the weights are shipped incorrectly and arrive chipped or cracked. This has mainly occurred with the vinyl model. Besides this, there have been times where small pieces of the handle chip off during shipping. 


Most of the time there are no issues with defects or shipping of these kettlebells. However, past inconveniences are always good to keep in mind before you choose to buy a product.

Closing Remarks

Yes4all kettlebells are certainly a good choice if you’re in the market for new weights. The weights will always be accurate, and you will not spend a crazy amount of money. 


A common misconception is that you need to buy several different sizes of kettlebells for it to be worth your time. However, if you choose one weight that is challenging for you on several exercises, then there is no need to do so. 


Overall, kettlebells are fantastic for tackling your fitness goals. If you desire to have multiple weights without breaking the bank, you should check out some adjustable dumbbells


Remember to do your own research before purchasing any product. Also, ensure that all exercises are performed with proper form. High-quality equipment is just one piece of the puzzle, but injury prevention is the key to good gains.

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