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This piece of exercise equipment is used to strengthen your core and upper body by utilizing bodyweight exercises. A power tower is not to get confused with a power rack which is used for squatting.  The best power tower will corporate into one machine, four exercise stations. These include:

  • Pair of dip bars

  • Pair of handles or bars for push-ups

  • Chin up bar (s)

  • Back pad for vertical knee raises

Some power towers can also have a fold-away knee pad for dips and chin-ups with assistance.  The power tower is narrow and tall so it takes up just a minimum amount of floor space. The exercise stations are stacked and are about seven feet tall with the chin-up bar at the top.  At the bottom facing the opposite side or the same direction, there is a station to perform the vertical knee raises, which is an abdominal exercise.

Coming from the power tower, there are two bars that project forward, usually from the front of the knee-raise armrest.  These form the dip bars. At the base of the power tower, there is another pair of bars, which are designed for push-ups.  


One of the main reasons to get one of these machines is the opportunity for many different bodyweight exercises.  It can help you to improve your heart health, build muscle, and lose weight. Great options for your home can be found below.

Xmark Fitness XM-4322 Power Tower

This tower is made of two-by-two inch steel with a skid-resistant base.  The base will help to protect your floors. To make sure that your power tower maintains it’s sleek look it has a stain-resistant powder coat finish.  It includes:


  • Thick, high-density cushions 

  • For long-lasting comfort, there are large roller pads

  • The twin dip handles are placed ergonomically

  • Sit-up station has adjustable padded foot bars

  • Measures 59” x 23” x 10” and weighs 98 pounds

Marcy Power Tower Multi-Workout Home Gym

With this power tower, you can get the body that you want without having to go to the gym.  It is a heavy-duty piece of exercise equipment that offers you everything you need to strengthen and tone your core and upper body.  


  • Chin-up bar has multiple position hand grips

  • The dip station lets you work the upper body from various angles

  • The ergonomically angled VKR pads let you work your abdominals comfortably

  • The ankle pads are conveniently placed so you can securely strengthen your core when doing sit-ups.

  • A powder-coated finish will make sure that the heavy-duty frame will last and stand the test of time

  • It is easy to store between uses with the triangular base frame and fold-up handles

  • The fold-up handles will also give you optimal space when you do sit-ups and pull-ups.

  • The frame is made of tubular steel 14 gauge

  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds.

  • Measures 41.5” L x 40” W x 87” H

Stamina Power Tower

This power tower is an all-in-one piece of exercise equipment.  At each exercise station, there are foam hand grips that are secured to provide comfort and stability when you exercise.  The steel frame supports up to 250 pounds. It can fit into many spaces with its compact dimensions of 49” x 42.5” x 81”.


 The Stamina power tower will fit in most garages or indoor spaces.  Whatever space you put it on will be protected by the end caps that are also non-slip.  The different workout stations will utilize your own body weight or gravity to provide an invigorating workout.

Body Champ Multi-Function Power Tower

This power tower offers the user many different configurations so there is a variety of exercises that you can do. They range from total body conditioning to strength-building exercises.  You will have absolute control over the variety, duration, and intensity of your workout regimen with this adjustable piece of equipment. This power tower has a user weight limit of 300 pounds and measures 84” x 42” x 48”  


  •  You can target 12 muscle groups with this power tower.

  • Workout your glutes, lats, quads, biceps, pecs, triceps, abs, and delts.

  • It has two inverted pull-up sling straps, two ab straps, and one built-in sit-up bar

  • Anatomical design with comfort in mind.

  • Sturdy steel frame 

  • Reinforced construction

  • Back cushion is faux-leather and sleekly marbled

  • Adjustable dip handles with seven settings

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

Gold’s Gym offers one of the best power towers for home use.  With this machine, you can do push or pull exercises to perfection.  It includes a vertical knee raise station that can help you add some definition to your abs.  


There are padded hand grips at the push-up station.  It measures 58” x 20” x 9”. To help you build up your arms to make them stronger the pull-up station allows you to go wide, side to side, or narrow.

Weider Power Tower

  • Vertical knee raises (VKR)—at this station, you will find comfortable back and arm cushions. These make it easier to raise your legs so you can activate your core muscles from different angles.

  • Push-up station—here you will find grips that are non-slip, thus enabling a more aggressive position. These give you a more effective push-up while you stay secure and comfortable.

  • Dip station—there is enough room so that you can do dips adequately to target and build up your arm muscles

  • Pull-up station—this station is seven feet in the air and gives you two padded handles to hit different angles.  You can use your own body weight for resistance.


This power tower is built with comfort in mind. You will be met with sewn vinyl pad cushions, padded handgrips, and cushioned armrests.  Weider power towers will let you work your complete upper body, they measure 53.2” x 43.3” x 86.6”.

Comparison Table

My Pick For The Best Power Tower

Stamina Power Tower

stamina power towers

Why Power Towers Are Perfect For A Home Gym

As you can see, a power tower is one of today’s most useful pieces of exercise equipment.  It is a ‘must-have’ for any home gym as it gives you a multitude of benefits that will keep your entire body fit.  They are great for building muscle and upper body strength. It allows you to build muscle mass just by using your own body weight.  

When you use a power tower you will be working to strengthen your triceps, shoulders, back, and abdominal muscles.  They’re also quite compact, so it will work for those that live in a small apartment or have a garage. When you are looking for the best power tower make sure that you check the weight capacity because you do not want to get one that will not hold your weight.  

A power tower is a great investment because it takes away the need for several other pieces of equipment.  You can set the intensity for each of your workouts because all of the exercises done on the power tower rely on your own bodyweight.  These are great for those that want to design their own workouts according to what they are capable of doing.

Yes, it is a single piece of exercise equipment but you can do several exercises to target various body parts.  The dynamics will not plague you with excessive muscle strain or fatigue during your workouts. Within the comfort of your own house, you can get in a great workout and continue to up the intensity as time goes by.   


Before you purchase a power tower do your research and find the one that best fits your needs. Most companies offer a warranty, but make sure that the weight limit is suitable for you.

Main Benefits

  • Having one in your home will let you focus on specific muscle groups so you can strengthen them.

  • They save you from having to go to the gym when you want to work out

  • Power towers are designed ergonomically to give you a safe experience when you exercise, no matter your weight or fitness level. 

  • Works to focus not only on your upper body but also on your abdominal muscles.

  • Eliminates the need for separate machines, you can do a full-body workout on these towers. 

  • They are not likely to cause any injury during your workout as long as your form is good.

  • The pinnacle of upper-body bodyweight training.

  • They have a compact design, which makes it easy to store them when not in use

  • Although they cost more than a monthly gym membership,  you have the ability to work out at home and target several muscle groups.

  • Good for beginners to become familiar with various upper-body and core strengthening exercises

Safety and Maintenance

  • Make sure that the power tower you select guarantees a non-slip grip.  If there are no guarantees and it slips while working out, you could be hurt. Chances are, there will likely be no compensation if you decide to sue them for the injury.  

  • Also, make sure that your choice has a backrest because it helps to support good posture. It will also add comfort when you are doing abdominal exercises.

  • Check the construction and durability so you can stay comfortable and safe while exercising.  Most have the right cushioning and are made of heavy-duty metals but there may be some cheaper models that do not.


If you are a beginner and have not used a power tower, I recommend purchasing some resistance bands to assist with your exercise.  As you become stronger, you can start switching to bands that have less tension. Keep reducing the tension until you can do the workouts without any support.  With this machine, it is possible that the user can create and customize different exercises to target certain areas of the body. You can do a solid power tower workout in 30 minutes or less, depending on the volume and your experience.

Remember that the best power tower may be expensive but it is wise to invest in one that will give you safety and performance in one unit.  Make sure that you carefully follow all the instructions and do not rush your workout. Most are easy to assemble but if you are not sure you can do it correctly, get a professional to put it together.  This will make sure that everything is secure and will not cause you any injuries when you workout. Make sure you place your tower on a level surface. 


Following these suggestions and doing your research will keep you safe and ensure you get the maximum benefits from your workout.  A power tower is a great fitness machine and when you do your workouts correctly you will get results. Do not rush into purchasing this machine.  Get one that is right for you and make your home gym elite.

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