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A roman chair is a piece of exercise equipment that is used for hyperextensions of your lower back and for strengthening your trunk muscles.  Many times physical therapists and doctors will recommend this piece of exercise equipment for their patients who have suffered from lower back or spine injuries. It will help tone the muscles affected in order to manage pain and regain strength.  

Most gyms will have this piece of equipment, but I will be focusing on the best roman chair for home use. All of them vary in price and can easily be found on amazon.

You can do chair squats, oblique crunches, and back extensions on a roman chair.  They are also great for working your hamstrings, abdominal muscles, back, and glutes.  Two different exercises you can do on them include:


  • Hyperextensions—Note that these are sometimes referred to as reverse sit-ups. First, raise the bench and rest your pelvis there.  Next, lock your ankles under the roll pad. Leave your hands at your side and use your core and lower back to raise your body. Slowly lower your upper body and then raise it back up again.

  • Oblique Crunches—Rest the side of your body against the padding of the chair. Make sure that your feet are not locked in as they would normally be. Then, just like doing a hyperextension, raise your body using your obliques. Keep each rep slow and steady on the way up and down.

Look For These Features


  • The right weight and size for the person using it.  The back extension should let you place your feet or limbs in the correct position with your lower stomach positioned on the pad right.  This is necessary in order to avoid pain and ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly.  

  • It should be adjustable

  • Make sure that the machine is solidly welded, especially if you are heavy. The lighter models may wobble and break.

  • Make sure to check the balance and stability of the chair.  It should have rubber protection at the base to keep from scratching the floor and to prevent slippage.

Soozier 45 Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair

This 45-degree roman chair offers the right mix of flexibility, strength, and exercise possibilities.  You can target different muscle groups and it’s quite comfortable to sit on while you do your workout. It is designed specifically to target your lower back and core, allowing a full range of motion while putting your body at an incline. 


Soozier’s chair is constructed of a sturdy metal frame while maintaining a compact design. A nice bonus is the supportive, soft cushions for your body.  There are also comfortable roller pads where you lock your legs in for a full range of motion. The overall size if 50.3” L x 28.7” W x 31.5” H.

Stamina Pro / Ab Hyper Bench

Don’t be fooled by the name of this one, the Stamina Hyper Bench is just a roman chair.  A person can do hyperextensions, side bends, and various other exercises on this machine.  It is also compact and convenient enough to fit in almost every room. The frame is sturdy and folds so you can store it easier.


  • It has thick padded upholstery to keep you comfortable when exercising. This upholstery is also surprisingly easy to clean.

  • Adjustable thigh support—it has adjustable split thigh support that will accommodate most heights.

  • Extended hand grips—these are easy to reach so you can catch your breath when doing hyperextensions  They can also be used for several upper body exercises.

  • Foldable—you can easily put it in a corner, closet or even under the bed if you have enough clearance.

  • Foam rollers that pivot—the foam rollers will pivot when you are doing crunches or hypertension core work.

  • Non-slip footrest—this will make sure that your feet will remain in place and secure.

  • Work the upper and middle abs in a variety of crunch positions from a decline of 30-degree to flat.  

  • You can adjust the chair angle in order to decrease or increase your workout by the pull of a pin.

Body-Solid GRCH322 Roman Chair

This body-solid roman chair is made of heavy-gauge 2” x 3” steel construction with commercial strength.  To help eliminate rocking it has an extra-wide base along with extra-thick 33/4” durafirm support pads. In order to adjust it both horizontally and vertically to fill various users, there are pop-pin oversized foam rollers.  It measures 43” x 26” x 45”.

I personally recommend this piece of equipment because it’s about as simple as they come. With this style of roman chair, your entire body is off the ground, so you are isolating your lower back. 


Because of the set-up, it’s also easier to do ab exercises with this style. Most of the other products mentioned in this article have a base for your feet at ground level.

Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair/Exercise Hyper Bench

The Marcy Roman chair with the hyperextension bench also lets you get off the floor, and is quite inexpensive compared to Body-Solid. This is a great choice to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles on a smaller budget.  

Your legs will be held in place by padded ankle support.  This will let you hyperextend your abdominals which in turn engages more groups of muscles.  The adjustable foam leg holders and padded handles let you do these challenging exercises without a spotter or trainer.  

The machine is built to last and is easy to set-up.  It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for exercises that strengthen your lower back, abs, hamstrings, and glutes.  You can get those rock-hard abs you have always wanted. Marcy Roman Chairs give you a gym-at-home experience for a fraction of the price. The sleek bench can be tucked away in the corner of a room when it is not in use.

Bodycraft F670 Hyperextension / Roman Chair

The Bodycraft F670 hyperextension is great for all preferred styles and all users.  It can adjust from a flat position to a 45-degree angle for doing back hyperextensions.  This is perfect for those that want to strengthen their lower backs. It is made of construction quality 12 gauge steel with an injection-molded pad that is extra wide. 

The set-up and adjustability make it a comfortable choice for both women and men.  It measures 51” x 24” x 37”. All parts are sturdy and do not shake or wobble on the foot assembly.


If you’re specifically looking for a 45-degree roman chair, this is likely the best option on the market.

CAP Barbell Strength Roman Chair

The CAP roman chair is one of the few on the market that has a dip station built in to help enhance your upper bodywork. CAP makes two different styles of hyperextension machines, one at ground level and one off the ground. This one, in particular, is off the ground, and also one of the best budget options. 


 You can target all muscle groups that you would normally target on a hyperextension machine. Durability is not an issue because this one is made of steel and has a strong base. It measures 56” x 29” x 43” and has comfortable, adjustable foam padding. 

Comparison Table

My Pick For The Best Hyperextension Bench

Stamina Pro / Ab Hyperextension Bench

stamina hyper bench

Benefits Of Using A Roman Chair Machine

  • Helps to improve your posture—many people do not think about having perfect posture as part of their physical fitness. Despite this, posture is an important component for maintaining body functionality.  There are many things that can cause bad posture such as twisting at odd angles or sitting too long. With a roman chair, it helps to build those muscles that you need to maintain the right posture. These muscles include your abdominals and spinal erectors.  

  • Helps to alleviate back pain—some exercise machines should be used with caution if you’re in pain, but the roman chair is an exception.  With them, you can adjust the bottom and top platforms to meet the needs of your height. When you use a roman chair for your back, it will help to increase your mobility and strengthen your erectors. If you have a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time, this piece of equipment can be very beneficial. 


When you are exercising on a roman chair machine, one important thing to remember is that you need to pace yourself.  Most of the exercises performed on this machine require your head going below your body. A lot of blood can rush to your head and make you dizzy.  If this happens, stop the exercise immediately.

Closing Remarks

Always keep your core tight to help with posture and injury prevention.  An integral movement with a roman chair is the hyperextension, so you need to learn how to do them properly.  Make sure that you do not push yourself too far beyond the parallel position when you do your exercises. You can check out the video below to make sure your form is proper.

When looking for the best roman chair, check out the various ones on the market, look at their features, and make sure that it suits your needs. All of the options mentioned in this article are great choices. You mainly just need to decide between a 45-degree design and an elevated design.


Remember that the most expensive option is not always the best, so choose wisely.  There are several manufacturers of this type of exercise equipment.

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