Valor Fitness BD-62 Review – An Ideal Home Cable System

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If you’re looking for compact exercise equipment that is ideal for home use, then look no further. The Valor Fitness BD-62 cable station allows you to target a variety of muscle groups while remaining incredibly compact.

valor fitness bd-62
  • Incredibly compact for a cable machine
  • 250 pound weight limit 
  • Pulleys adjust in 17 different positions
  •  Numerous exercise possibilities 
  • Inexpensive home gym option

This piece of equipment is a dual-pulley system that adjusts into 17 different positions. The versatility of this cable station allows you to perform a variety of exercises. When you have a gym membership, you get access to many machines that let you isolate nearly every muscle group. Valor Fitness enables you to have the same luxury in the comfort of your own home.

Ideal Set-Up

This system must be mounted to a wall in order to ensure optimal safety and workout effectiveness. There are attachment points at the top and bottom of the system which should be secured to a wall of your choice. 


Setting up the machine itself is very simple. Perhaps the most important aspect of setting up the BD-62 is the amount of space available to you. Despite the fact that this cable system is compact, it is still a little bit over 7 feet tall. This piece of equipment is so simple to set up that you likely won’t need to use the instruction manual. Once you find an area with ample space, you will be good to go.

Exercises You Can Do

There are a number of ways that you can get a good workout in with the valor fitness bd-62. Although this system is not as complete as your typical cable system, you can still do most of the same exercises. The handles on this system are about 1 foot apart, as opposed to a typical cable system with handles 3-4 feet apart. This is the only limiting factor regarding exercises you can do. 


Popular Exercises Include:


  • Shoulder presses 

  • Cable lat raises

  • Reverse flyes

  • Bicep curls 

  • Low rows 

  • Single arm rows

  • Tricep pushdowns 

  • Tricep extensions 

  • Cable chest press

  • Face pulls 

  • Lunges 

  • Glute Kickbacks


Essentially, it’s possible to do a complete push workout or complete pull workout using the BD-62. Hitting a complete leg workout might be more difficult, but still possible nonetheless. 

Example Workouts With The Valor Fitness BD-62

Below are workouts that you can do with this cable system if you’re struggling to come up with an effective plan. 


Example Push Workout:


Shoulder Presses 3×12 

Chest press 3×10

Cable Lat Raises – 3×10

Single Arm Chest Fly – 3×10 

Tricep Pushdowns – 3×15 

Tricep Extensions 3×12-15

*Push Ups – 3×25 at the end of your workout to ensure enough chest and tricep volume. 



Example Pull Workout:


Single Arm Rows 3×12 

Low Rows 3×10

Face Pulls 3×12 

Cable Deadlifts 3×8-10

Cable Shrugs 3×10

Bicep Curls 3×12-15


It’s important to note that you will have to purchase additional equipment to perform some of these exercises. The machine itself only comes with two adjustable handles. You can use these to perform rows, lat raises, presses, etc… I would recommend getting a set of tricep ropes, an EZ curl bar, or an ankle cuff to perform more exercises. 

bd-62 review
An example of how you can set up a tricep bar by securing both pulleys with a carabiner

Loading Weight

This machine holds standard weight plates and can hold a maximum load of 250 pounds (about 113 kilos). The Valor Fitness BD-62 does not include plates with your purchase, so having your own plates is a must. If you prefer to use olympic plates, the company offers adapters which makes this possible. Loading the weight itself is very simple, there are two pegs at the bottom of the machine where plates can be added to each cable. Weight collars are included to ensure everything stays in place while you perform your exercises. 


You may be curious about the warranty offered for this cable system. Luckily, there is a 3 year warranty on the frame, a 2 year warranty on the cables, and a 1 year warranty on the pulleys. Most customers report having no problems with this machine, so hopefully you’ll never have to take advantage of the warranty. You can prevent any issues by making sure to lubricate the cables and pulleys every so often. 

Pros and Cons

In summary, here is the good and bad regarding this piece of equipment:


The Good-


  • Compact size allows for installation in nearly every home

  • Durable frame

  • Pulleys adjust in 17 different positions 

  • Max weight capacity of 250 pounds

  • Endless exercise possibilities

  • Easy to set-up

  • Includes adjustable handles

  • Comes with weight collars

  • Inexpensive all-in-one option


The Bad- 


  • Does not include weights 

  • Does not include accessories (tricep ropes, ankle cuff, EZ curl bar, etc..)

  • Adapter for olympic plates must be purchased separately. 

  • Close pulley distance makes some exercises impossible

  • The cable system is not anchored very well to the floor. This could pose an issue when performing exercises that require the pulleys to be at ground level.

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