Sara Saffari – Workout Routine, Diet, and Professional Career

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Sara Saffari is a fitness influencer who’s gained a large following in a rather short amount of time. Most of this is due to her impressive physique for having roughly two years of consistent training. Despite becoming more popular by the day, there’s not much information out there regarding her lifestyle. Knowing this, we decided to do some research on her journey via social media and YouTube videos. 


Sara Saffari started out doing social media prior to focusing on fitness. She started lifting consistently around 2020-2021 and gained a large following due to her great progress and genuine personality. Since then, she’s managed to secure partnerships with several companies and consider starting her own clothing line. 

Height: 5’5″

Weight: ~130 lbs

Birthday: 02/28/2001

Partnerships: GymShark, Rawgear, Gorilla Mind, Bloom Nutrition

Location: Los Angeles, California

Sara is most active on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. If you’d like to know more about her journey, I suggest watching one of her YouTube videos below. In this video, she discusses her meteoric rise over the past couple years and details her shift to fitness-related content. Several people in the video note that she’s highly motivated and made a lot of progress in a short period of time. 

Despite being a social media influencer, Sara Saffari can also be considered a fitness model to some extent. She regularly participates in photo shoots for brands and for her own content. Her lean physique and year-round abs have garnered a lot of attention in the fitness industry. 

Workout Routine

According to her content, Sara works out at Fitness 19 and ZooCulture depending on if she’s filming. ZooCulture, as you might know, is a gym owned by Bradley Martyn with a large presence of influencers. She commonly collaborates with other big names in the industry to produce content for social media. 

The specifics of Sara Saffari’s workout routine are unknown, but she does sell her own programs which mirror what she does. It’s likely she follows a push, pull, legs split as she’s mentioned each of these training days in past videos. Sara has previously mentioned that she trains everyday – six days at her hometown gym, and one day at ZooCulture to film. 

Her workout content suggests a heavy emphasis on ab work and pull ups, regardless of whether it’s a push, pull, or leg day. This makes sense from a spectators point of view considering her abs and back are two of her strongest attributes. Below you’ll see an example of how we think her split looks.

Monday: Push

  • Primary focus on shoulders
  • Accessory lifts for chest and triceps

Tuesday: Pull 

  • Primary focus on back
  • Accessory lifts for rear deltoids and biceps

Wednesday: Legs 

  • Primary focus on quads
  • Accessory lifts for glutes, hamstrings, and calves

Thursday: Push

  • Primary focus on chest
  • Accessory lifts for shoulders and triceps

Friday: Pull 

  • Primary focus on back
  • Accessory lifts for rear deltoids and biceps

Saturday: Legs

  • Primary focus on glutes and hamstrings 
  • Accessory lifts for quads and calves

Sunday: Unknown. Potentially a combination of rest and filming workouts. 

Although this routine is theoretical, it makes sense for someone who trains 6-7 days per week. PPL is usually run as a three or six day split, with the latter being more advanced. 

A six day PPL routine allows you to target specific muscle groups on different days as opposed to everything in one workout. For example, your first push day of the week is more focused on compound chest exercises, while the second push day is focused on compound shoulder exercises. A variety of accessory lifts supplement the compound exercises, thus encouraging more muscle growth.

Social Media Career

Sara Saffari is mainly known for her presence on social media. She has over one million followers combined across Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Most of her content is fitness related, although she occasionally puts out vlogs. 

As mentioned in her videos, Sara began her journey with the intent of focusing on social media. Her experience with branding herself on various platforms is likely contributing to her growth. She commonly appears in photos and videos with other fitness influencers, which is common throughout the industry.

Her socials link out to her recently launched training page which offers a strength program, ab routine, and a cutting plan.  

You can follow Sara Saffari at these handles: 


Snapchat: @sara_saffari

Tiktok: @sarrrrrrr68

Natty or Not

There’s been some speculation online regarding whether or not Sara Saffari is a natural athlete. The main reason for this speculation is the excellent progress she’s made in less than two years. Although Sara has an impressive physique, nothing about her body suggests that she’s taken steroids

So how did she make such great progress in such little time? Well, newbie gains are a real thing when you start weight lifting. You’ll gain muscle mass at a faster rate in your first few years of training, and then taper off in the following years. Sara’s rate of growth makes sense considering she’s only been training consistently for a couple years. 

Another point to consider is that being in the gym is now a major part of Sara’s career. Essentially, she has to be in the gym almost everyday to maintain her image across social media platforms. It would be naive to think that she’s not working extremely hard to put out her best physique.

To put it simply, someone who’s in the gym all the time is obviously going to look like they go to the gym. In Sara’s case, good genetics and a solid nutrition plan likely contribute to her impressive physique.

To recap, we believe Sara Saffari is natural for the following reasons: 

  •  Most of her gains over the past two years are what we view as “newbie gains”.
  • Her strength and body composition do not reflect a woman on steroids.  
  • She maintains a naturally attainable body fat percentage year-round.
  • There are no noticeable masculine features which are common in women on PEDs.

Fitness enthusiasts can expect to see more of Sara in the near future, judging by how fast she’s growing. It’ll be interesting to see how she progresses in the next few years.