Best Lion’s Mane Supplements: Benefits, Pros, and Cons

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Lion’s Mane is a fungus that has been used in cooking and medicine for centuries. The mushroom is easily identifiable because it looks exactly like its name implies. This article is a review of the best lion’s mane supplements which are proven to increase mental acuity and boost the immune system. 


If you’re looking to get straight to the point, Host Defense is a fantastic brand for this supplement. They offer both capsules and a lion’s mane tincture. Both options are vegan, organic, and gluten-free.

Host Defense 

lions mane fruiting bodies and extract

Benefits of Lion's Mane

This fungus has been around for hundreds of years, both as a food and a supplement. In alternative medicine, lion’s mane is known to have many healing properties. Some of these medicinal properties have even been proven in research studies. 


The following are the main benefits: 


  • There is speculation that this supplement can help grow brain cells. If this is the case, it is beneficial in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s. 


  • Lessens the symptoms of depression and anxiety, although only mildly. There are no studies proving this to be true in humans, but several in animals


  • It decreases the chance of getting stomach ulcers. Lion’s mane was proven to stop the growth of H. pylori in a test tube, and this bacteria is known for ulcers. 


  • It is thought to prevent heart disease and oxidize cholesterol in the bloodstream. There are no human studies proving this to be true.


  • Studies on animals prove this fungus lowers your blood sugar. This is great news for people with diabetes. 


  • Some animal studies show that lion’s mane slows the spread of cancer. More research must be done to determine if this is true in humans. 


  • Reduces inflammation because of its high antioxidant profile. 


  • It boosts the immune system by influencing positive changes in the gut microbiome. 


Most people who take this supplement consider it effective to boost the immune system. There are countless testimonies for increased mental acuity and reduced inflammation.

What To Look For

It’s important to understand that a lot of mushroom supplements are garbage. There are several companies that float under the radar and add a lot of grain filler to their products. Here are some things to look for when you consider buying a lion’s mane supplement.


  1. Fruiting mushroom body. This implies that the powder, capsule, or liquid is made from the mushroom itself. There should be no fillers like rice powder or heavy metals. 


  1. USDA certified organic or equivalent organic certification. There’s nothing better than getting a product straight from the source with no modifications. 


  1. Look for a product that’s labeled as an extract. Extracts generally imply that there are fresh, bioactive mushroom components. Tinctures often contain extracts, and they are superior.


  1. High beta-glucan levels as opposed to polysaccharides.

an example of fruiting bodies
An example of fruiting bodies

Genius Mushroom

Don’t get it twisted, there’s not just one medicinal mushroom on the planet. Genius Mushroom backs this up with their fantastic product. Not only does this supplement contain lion’s mane powder, but it also has cordyceps and reishi fungi. 




  • It contains a blend of the three best fungi for your overall health. The mushrooms in this product are some of the most researched on the planet. 


  • Fortified immune support from the added reishi fungus. 


  • Increases your ability to focus and perform.


  • Naturally increases your energy while decreasing stress and anxiety. 


  • Considered one of the best selling mushroom supplements in the world. 




  • This supplement is not strictly lion’s mane, but rather a blend of several fungi. If you prefer just the former, check out some of the other suggestions. 


  • Although most of the reviews are positive, some customers say that the effects of this product are not very apparent. 


  • There were instances where a customer received fewer capsules than the 90 promised. 

Overall, Genius Mushroom is a great product, especially if you don’t mind that it’s a blend. This is worth giving a try, regardless of what benefits you’re looking for.

Om Organic Mushroom

There are plenty of products that can be considered one of the best lion’s mane supplements, but Om Organic Mushroom is amazing. This is a powder, similar to many pre-workouts or greens. The only ingredient is 100% lion’s mane mushroom powder, so you can be sure you’re getting quality. 




  • USDA certified organic and non-GMO verified. 


  • Only one ingredient – 100% mushroom powder. 


  • The company makes 12 different organic mushroom supplements. 


  • Supports your cognitive health and nervous system. 


  • Increases focus and helps to stabilize your mood.


  • Mixes well with hot or cold water.




  • This mushroom powder does not contain the bioavailable benefits that you should be getting. The medicinal benefits will be fewer in number.


  • These are ground mushrooms, so the powder itself will be very starchy and almost like flour. Although it’s not a big deal, this is hard to work with compared to taking a pill. 


If you are a fan of working with powders, then Om organic mushroom is the product you should choose. Capsules and sprays are arguably more effective because they are easier to take and more bioavailable.

Host Defense

As you may remember from the beginning of this article, Host Defense lion’s mane extract is my top choice. They have a capsule form and a tincture form of lion’s mane, and they’re both very effective. No matter which product you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting 100% organic mushroom. 


You’re probably wondering what the differences are between the tincture and capsules. Below is an overview of each type instead of the overall pros and cons. 




  • A liquid blend of fresh and dried lion’s mane. The fresh component ensures that you’re getting the bioactive components of the mushroom. 


  • Easy to take. This product comes in liquid form with a dropper. 


  • Numerous testimonials about improvements in brain function and inflammation. 


  • Slightly more expensive than the capsules. 




  • Certified 100% organic. The powdered mushroom is the only ingredient. 


  • 2 capsules – 1 gram of dried mushrooms 


  • Real customers with nerve damage and MS have seen tremendous results using this product. 


  • Supports cognitive function 


  • Slightly less expensive than the tincture. 


Honestly, there are no cons regarding Host Defense. After conducting thorough research, it’s evident that their products work the best. Everything is organic, and the price is well worth the possible benefits. 


If you are debating between the tincture and capsules, let me assure you that the tincture is the best. This tincture contains a fresh lion’s mane which contains all the bioactive compounds that are thought to be medicinal. 


The tincture will start acting faster than the capsules. It is also easier to take, especially if you don’t like swallowing pills. 


Regardless of what you choose, Host Defense makes quality products. Some suggestions on Reddit and several YouTube videos support this brand. The main things to look for are a fruiting body and an organic source, and this company satisfies those needs.

Final Rankings

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer capsules, powder, or tincture because this supplement is available in all three forms. The three products mentioned in this article are considered the best lion’s mane supplements, but one reigns supreme. 


  1. Host Defense Tincture – This is number one because it contains the extract and fruiting body of the mushroom. It is by far the most effective from this list. 


  1. Genius Mushroom – This stuff is the best seller for a reason. It’s a proprietary blend of three mushrooms that has shown great results in reducing stress and increasing focus.


  1. Om Organic Mushroom – Although this supplement is good, it takes the last place because it’s mostly made of polysaccharides. Out of all the products in this article, this one has the least bioavailability. 


The rankings are based on customer reviews and the product’s overall effectiveness from a medicinal standpoint. Nothing is worse than being pointed in the wrong direction with a supplement, so these picks are thoroughly researched.


Overall, the tincture is top rated because it contains the fruiting body and extract of the mushroom. If you’re looking for a safe choice, then this is it.

Side Effects

There are few studies on the side effects of the lion’s mane mushroom. For the most part, this a very safe mushroom that has no unwanted side effects. 


Allergies are one thing, in particular, to be aware of. If you are allergic to any other species of mushroom, then you should avoid this supplement as a precaution.


Itchiness, redness, and swelling are indicators of a mild allergic reaction. Breathing troubles and rashes have been reported as a common allergic reaction to this mushroom.


Mushrooms are an under-utilized supplement that comes with plenty of benefits. Lion’s mane deserves a lot of recognition because it can help people with a range of conditions. Although there are few research studies on humans, millions of people worldwide have reported great results. 


The benefits are numerous, but this supplement is particularly used to support brain function and your nervous system. It’s also known to reduce anxiety, depression, and the risk of heart disease.


More than anything, it’s important to buy a product that actually works. The companies mentioned here are trusted, with thousands of people benefitting from their products. 


Lastly, none of the information in this article should be considered medical advice. This guide is for educational purposes only and is designed to help you identify the best lion’s mane supplements. 


Before taking any supplement, consult your physician if you have any doubts or concerns. As always, do your own research before making any purchase. If you notice any uncomfortable side effects when taking a mushroom supplement, stop immediately.

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