7 Best Tasting Isolate Protein Powders [Buying Guide] – 2020

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Truth be told, I’ve tried a lot of different protein powders in my six years of training. 


There’s nothing worse than picking out that fancy isolate protein only to find out that it tastes like trash. 


What you are about to read is the most comprehensive review on the internet regarding the best tasting protein powders on amazon. I’ve hand-picked 7 protein powders that I’ve tried at some point or another, all of which are delicious. 


I don’t want to waste your time, so here are the 7 best tasting protein powders in my opinion. 

1) Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey Isolate Protein

optimum nutrition platinum hydrowhey

I’m a huge fan of optimum nutrition protein, and for good reason. Their products mix well, they don’t break the bank, and most importantly they’re delicious! I recommend the turbo chocolate flavor for this particular optimum nutrition protein, but choose whatever your heart desires. 


Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey comes in a 1.75 and 3.5 pound option. The 3.5 pound tub is going to be a better bang for your buck, and retails for around $50 on Amazon. Protein products by Optimum Nutrition have never let me down, which is why this product comes first on the list. 

2) Now Sports Nutrition, Whey Isolate Powder - Unflavored

now sports nutrition whey isolate

Now I know I said that this list would comprise the best tasting protein powders, and clearly this is an unflavored product. For being unflavored though, this whey protein isolate is amazing, so it had to make the list. 


Each scoop provides 25 grams of protein which is standard in the industry. Now Sports is soy free, and they even load this protein with additional BCAAs.  You can purchase a 5 pound tub of this product for $60 on amazon, making this a great value.

3) Isopure Zero Carb Isolate Protein - Creamy Vanilla Flavor

isopure zero carb isolate protein

Okay now back to the flavored proteins. Isopure is absolutely amazing if you’re looking for a protein powder that is zero carb and keto friendly. Their creamy vanilla flavor is arguably one of the best tasting protein powders I’ve ever tried. 


You may recognize isopure from their glass bottled whey protein drinks. They come in a variety of flavors and are packed with 40 grams of protein each. This is essentially the same product, but you’re mixing it yourself, and likely saving a lot more money. 


3 pounds of isopure zero carb whey isolate protein retails for $42 on amazon. I’ve noticed that the price tends to vary from time to time, so take advantage of a good deal if you notice one!

4) Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate Protein - Chocolate Shake Flavor

optimum nutrition whey isolate

Surprise, surprise, another Optimum Nutrition product makes my list.  There is a reason why Optimum Nutrition refers to themselves as the gold standard of whey protein. Speaking from personal experience, all of their products have given me great results. 


I’m a huge fan of Optimum Nutrition’s chocolate flavors. I don’t know what they do differently, but you really get a rich chocolatey taste from their proteins. 


With this being said, Optimum Nutrition whey isolate is certainly one of the best tasting protein powders I’ve tried in recent memory. A 5 Pound tub of this product retails for roughly $60 on Amazon. 

5) Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein - Gourmet Chocolate Flavor

dymatize iso 100

I may seem biased towards the greatness of chocolate flavored protein, but I promise the last two products on this list will be different flavors. 


Dymatize ISO 100 is consistently rated as one of the best isolate protein powders on amazon. There are no gimmicks with this product, it is 100% whey isolate that digests fast and tastes great. 


In my opinion you cannot go wrong with any of the Dymatize flavors, but considering that this article ranks the best tasting isolate proteins, I have to stick to my word and recommend the gourmet chocolate flavor. 


A 5 pound tub of Dymatize ISO 100 retails for about $63 dollars on amazon, but of course the price may vary. One scoop provides your standard 25 grams of protein. 

6) Scivation Xtend Pro 100% Whey Protein Isolate - Vanilla Ice Cream

scivation xtend pro whey

Yet another protein product on this list that is low carb and keto friendly. Scivation is a brand known mostly for their BCAAs, but their isolate protein should not be overlooked. 


I’ve tried both the chocolate and vanilla flavors of Scivation Xtend Pro, and I personally recommend the vanilla ice cream flavor. Mixing this protein with milk instead of water will give you a very similar taste to a vanilla shake. 


You get your standard 25 grams of protein per scoop, but with an additional 7 grams of BCAAs. Scivation puts out a variety of flavors, and all of them are 50 dollars or less on amazon. 

7) BSN Syntha-6 Isolate Protein - Strawberry Milkshake Flavor

bsn syntha 6 whey

Any strawberry fans out there? If it’s done right, strawberry flavored protein powder is delicious – almost like Nesquik Strawberry Milk. BSN Syntha-6 is an example of one brand who really nailed the concept of strawberry isolate protein. 


Syntha-6 has always been a popular protein choice for as long as I can remember. I vividly remember the bright red containers when I first started going to the gym. The products are highly regarded for good reason; they provide results, and they taste amazing! 


BSN Syntha-6 offers a variety of different protein powders and flavors, but we’re talking 100% whey isolate here. Whey isolate protein is substantially different from whey concentrate because it digests at a faster rate. Other protein variations like casein take even longer to digest. 


Regardless of what flavor you end up choosing, there is no doubt that BSN makes some of the best tasting protein powder on the market. You get the standard 25 grams of protein per scoop, and a 5 pound tub retails for roughly $50 on amazon. 

A Key Note About Protein Consumption For Men and Women

I want to emphasize that there is no such thing as the best protein powder for men or the best protein powder for women. At the end of the day, protein is protein and the product you choose is a matter of personal choice. The most important aspect is making sure that your protein intake is adequate


Men should ideally consume 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. If you’re trying to maintain or add muscle mass, you should eat no less than .7 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. 


Women, on the other hand, can get away with eating slightly less protein on a daily basis. I’d recommend anywhere between .6 – 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight if you’re a woman who trains. 

Conclusion- Recapping the Best Tasting Protein Powders on Amazon and Discussing the Importance of Protein

Throughout this article I covered the 7 best tasting protein powders on amazon. All of the mentioned proteins in this article are also 100% whey isolate which digests the fastest. 


In my opinion, the proteins listed here are among the best on the market. If you are someone who fails to get enough protein from diet alone, then any one of these products would be great for you. 


Protein is not only important for gaining and maintaining muscle, but it’s also important for maintaining a healthy immune system. Consider supplementing with any whey isolate protein daily to ensure you hit your RDI of protein.

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