Bodybuilding Information

Bodybuilding is essentially defined as the art of developing your muscles for aesthetic purposes. Here you will find information that relates to the sport of bodybuilding, but more specifically we publish exercise tutorials, workout splits, and other miscellaneous articles that have a connection to bodybuilding. Famous bodybuilders, like the great Frank Zane, are frequently mentioned in our content because they were so innovative in their techniques that they changed the idea of an aesthetic physique. Generally speaking, the ideal physique in bodybuilding is one of broad shoulders and a narrow waist. A size-able difference between your shoulders and your waist creates a v-taper effect that many people think is visually appealing.

Nowadays, maintaining a prominent v-taper is nearly essential to have an aesthetic physique. Due to genetics, most males simply will not have a <30 inch waist when they are lean. Regardless, you can still take learn how to train for a smaller waist, because believe it or not there are exercises like the stomach vacuum that are capable of shrinking your waist.


No matter how good your genetics are for bodybuilding, there is always going to be a phase one. You must first consistently train for a lengthy period of time, and then reevaluate your ability to build muscle. Lastly, do not let poor genetics be an excuse to disregard bodybuilding all together. There is no doubt that broad shoulders and a slim waist is more aesthetic than a blocky frame, but just the act of putting on muscle mass can make a substantial difference in your overall appearance.